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Assistemar is a company specialized in Marine Electronic with proven experience in repairs, installations, annual inspections and certification.

It was founded in 1993 by technical engineers that already had extensive experience in this field of activity, with the aim of the installation, maintenance, inspection, supply and certification of marine electronic equipments such as Radio Communications, Inmarsat and Electronic Aids to Navigation.

Given its long journey the company have as clients a number of relevant national and international companies and a large number of vessels attended.

The Assistemar ensures the constant updating of its employees and the highest quality in partnership with industry leading brands.

Improving our own expertise enables the company to offer its customers the most appropriate solutions for each case.



Rui Monteiro – General Manager

Francisco Pacheco – Technical Supervisor

Maria do Carmo Santos – Sales



Vision, Mission and Values

The Vision of Assistemar is to be seen for the competence and reliability laying on the sale, installation and repair of the equipments of communications and navigational aids.


The Assistemar's Mission is to market, install and technically assist on maritime communications equipment and navigational aids equipment as well as perform, on behalf of Classification Societies, inspections, certifications and equipment installations in nationals and/or foreign flags vessels.


The prevailing Values in Assistemar

The Professionalism of all our employees, based on a serious and responsible behaviour in addressing the issues and problems that are presented to us.

The Ethical and Responsible Performance of all employees in the development of all its activities, particularly in the contact with our customers, with a view to meeting all the agreed objectives.




Rui Monteiro (General Manager)




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